WHY GoReusable Bamboo Eco CUPS?

Buying GoReusable bamboo eco cups is a fantastic way to demonstrate your commitment to stamping out the unstainable use of disposable cups.


Our eco cups are great to look at as well as safe and lovely to use. Made from a composite bamboo material, they’re durable and environmentally friendly, making them a perfect alternative to single-use cups. 


What makes GoReusable bamboo eco cups special?

The bamboo they contain is sustainably grown, rapidly renewable and is a manufacturing bi-product​

A discreet panda icon on each cup shows your support for the GoReusable campaign

They’re light yet durable and come in a range of appealing colours

They’re made from food-grade materials, free from BPA and phthalates, and won’t affect the taste of your drink

They feel great, are comfortable to hold and the no-drip silicon lid is easy to drink from

The silicon sleeve is reversible, so you can choose between ribbed or smooth

They’re dishwasher safe (on the top shelf)

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