GoReusable Tree Planting Scheme & Partnerships

This Cup Plants One Tree | #Plant10MillionTrees Campaign

At GoReusable we're on a mission with our social enterprise to reduce the world's dependency on 500bn single-use cups a year and also plant 10 million trees with our GoReusable Eco Bamboo 'Plant One Tree' cups

Come and join our campaign? It's the ideal platform to demonstrate your organisations environmental credentials and achieve some of your corporate social responsibility (CSR) goals.

There are a range of partner programmes, that can be tailored to your organisation, starting from a little as showing your support by ordering 500 Plant One Tree Cups. That 500 reusable cups are ideal as giveaways to staff or as marketing giveaways and of course, you would have planted 500 trees.  

The cups can be bought plain, branded or even customised depending on quantities. Digital certificates can be downloaded by individuals from our site to reinforce the message. And if you plant enough trees, you can even have your own forest named after your organisation. These are just some of the features - to understand fully about the partnership programmes please contact us.


Some of the supporters of the GoReusable Campaign
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