Branded Bamboo Reusable Coffee Cups

Offering these stunning branded GoReusable bamboo eco coffee cups with your branding to staff, partners and customers is a great way to demonstrate your commitment to environmental sustainability. It sends out a strong message that your organisation is forward thinking and socially responsible.


We offer a range of different packages to meet the needs of all organisations. You can choose:

- from 8 universal cup colours (all white, black, grey, green, red, orange, navy blue and mid blue)

- to print up to 4 print colours above and below the sleeve


Price is determined by the quantity you order, the number of print colours and number of print positions.

Min qty is 144 cups.


Whether you give them as gifts or sell them, you can be sure that your branded eco cups will be used day-in, day-out, creating a lasting positive impact for your brand as well as on the environment.


Branded eco cups are ideal for:

  • businesses of all sizes for staff or as giveaways

  • local and central government organisations

  • charities and other not-for-profits

  • professional bodies

  • schools, colleges and universities

  • clubs and associations

  • coffee shops, cafés and restaurants

  • galleries, museums, zoos and other attractions

  • spas and gyms

  • lifestyle shops


What makes this cup extra special?

  1. Extra large logo (approx 5cm x 3.5cm) added on cup between sleeve and lid in BPA and environmentally friendly print ink.

  2. Made from a rapidly renewable resource

  3. Helps cut out consumer waste

  4. Reusable indefinitely (if looked after)

  5. Heat resistant up to 120 degrees

  6. BPA free

  7. Naturally sterile, no taste residue

  8. The cup comes with discreet Panda logo toward the bottom of the cup to show your support for the GoReusable campaign

  9. Resealable 'non-drop' lid

  10. Available in 14oz (400ml) standard size cup

  11. Lightweight and easy to hold

  12. The sleeve is reversible - smooth or ridged side can be facing out

  13. Is dishwasher proof

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