Branded 'Plant One Tree' Stunning GoReusable Bamboo Eco Coffee Cups 

One Cup Purchased = One Tree Planted | Working to #Plant10MillionTrees

These branded GoReusable eco cups:

1. not only are made with bamboo fibre

2. they replace single-use plastic cups

3. for each one purchased we 'll plant a tree!

ONE cup purchased = ONE tree planted. It's that simple.

Why do our supporters choose GoReusable.Org branded cups?

While the cups are stunning and great quality, when we speak to our supporters the overarching reason is they love the concept that each GoReusable cup they purchase plants a tree!  It's a powerful statement that they are really excited to get behind.  They are not just gifting a cup, they're gifting a reusable cup and a tree! How amazing is that? This surely makes it the ultimate eco branded gift!?

The Goreusable 'Plant One Tree' cup also provides a long-lasting, tangible way of remembering that a tree has been planted for the end-recipient.  Our supporters, who we are very grateful to, can tangibly and rapidly show they too are taking the environment and climate emergency seriously by planting however many trees, whether it's 144, 500, 1000 or 10,000. They are in effect planting a copse, wood, and even a forest!

We'd welcome your support too. If you feel the same as us and get excited by this initiative why not come on board and support the GoReusable Campaign to #plant10milliiontrees by 2025?

Branded 'Plant One Tree' eco cups are ideal for:

- businesses of all sizes for staff or as giveaways

- local and central government organisations

- professional bodies

- schools, colleges and universities

- charities and other not-for-profits

- clubs and associations

What's so special about the GoReusable cup?

Cup safety:

BPA free,  EU (LFGB) and US (FDA) compliant, DO NOT MICROWAVE. Dishwasher safe (top shelf). For more details about the safety regulations and our tests click here).


Unbelievable high-quality printing


 - Ulta high detail (see example)

-  Ink is dishwasher proof

-  Print colours matched to your logo

-  Extra-large print area  (5cm x 3.4cm above the sleeve)

-  Up to 4 colours can be printed

How are the trees planted?


GoReusable are official partners with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), a tree planting charity. You can buy the cups safe in the knowledge the NFF were carefully selected as partners for the main reason they are the most reputable and transparent tree planting charity that is fully audited. Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities, gives the NFF a transparency score of 96%. Have no doubt your trees will be planted.

Also, whilst we looked into planting trees in the UK, there simply aren't any programmes that plant trees at price that would make a cup affordable. The US have the land, and large tree planting programmes to make this possible.


Free marketing support


Supporters upon request will be provided with a supporter's logo and their GoReusable.Org certificate. The supporters logo can be used anywhere in your marketing, especially in your website footer, email signature and social media.

Some of the supporters of the GoReusable Campaign
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