This flexible modular laptop sets an exciting new eco benchmark

Designed to be fully customisable, upgradeable and repairable, Framework’s laptop sets a new precedent for IT sustainability

We were excited to read about the upcoming release of the first product from San Francisco based innovators Framework. Pooling expertise from tech leaders including Apple, Google and Lenovo, they’re on a mission to reduce unplanned obsolesce and e-waste by bringing users products that are easy to customise, upgrade and repair.

Their sleek, lightweight yet powerful laptop will be available to buy soon, for delivery later this year. Its unique modular design will enable users to boost the performance of their machine or repair it with ease. As well as a range of pre-configured models, buyers can choose a fully DIY option, which will be delivered in kit form, ready for them to assemble as they wish and add the operating system of their choice.   

Circular Economy Laptop

In their announcement blog post, founder Nirav Patel wrote: “We’re here to prove that designing products to last doesn’t require sacrificing performance, quality, or style.”

Framework have also taken other measures to reduce the product’s environmental impact, using 50% recycled aluminium and an average of 30% recycled plastic, sourcing fully recyclable packaging and offsetting the carbon emissions of delivery.

Nice work Framework!

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