Sturdy Evolution – doing something a bit beyond

London-based construction company Sturdy Evolution specialises in high quality sustainable home improvements and extensions. GoReusable bamboo eco cups were a natural choice for them to demonstrate their commitment to the environment.

“I’ve always been very conscious of paying attention to the eco side of things and Mike, the director, has a background in sustainable construction,” explained interior designer Kasia Wright. “So when I joined, we decided, let’s put our heads together and see how we can take a more sustainable approach to build.

“That includes everything from the choice of materials and where we source them from to the measures we implement in terms of thermal insulation. All our waste is completely separated and almost 100% is recycled, including food waste, with help from a really dedicated company called The First Mile.”

Sturdy Evolution are in the process of joining the Considerate Constructors Scheme, which takes things further. They will be measuring their carbon footprint every year and offsetting it through tree planting with Earthly. They’re also donating £1 to them for every bag of cement they use.

Promoting a more sustainable future

So why did they decide to invest in bamboo eco cups?

“It was originally going to be for use onsite, but, in the current times, everyone having the same cup isn’t ideal. So for the moment the way it’s working is that every client gets a cup, and our office-based team always use them as well, wherever we go,” said Kasia.

“I looked at a few other options but none of them had the same USP, planting the trees. Not going to lie, there are cheaper options out there, but at the end of the day, none of them had the same outlook as us in terms of doing something a bit beyond.

“We love that the trees are planted and that it actually says it on the cup. It’s a real tangible thing for a client to have in hand, showing that we want to practice what we preach, and here’s a little token to prove that.”

Kasia loves her cup too! “They just look amazing – so smart and professional. And it’s one of the very few coffee cups that I’ve used where the band around it is actually effective.

“It’s practical, stylish, you can use it everywhere, and it’s planted a tree. What’s not to like? We really thought, if you’re going to do it, do it right.”

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