How can we tackle the UK’s single-use cup crisis?

Earlier this month, commuter newspaper Metro featured this shocking photo of an overflowing litter bin on a London street, surrounded by disposable coffee cups. This really brings home the huge waste problem that our love of takeaway coffee is creating.

Our cups now plant trees
Photo credit: Colm Boyd

Because standard paper-based coffee cups are lined with plastic, they can only be recycled at specialist facilities, and only around 1% of them are. Most of the 2.5 billion disposable coffee cups used in the UK each year, just once, will end up in landfill.

Back in March, the Government voted to reject a 25p ‘latte levy ’ proposed by an Environmental Audit Committee. It’s interesting to note that, in the run-up to the decision, retailers saw a boom in sales of reuseable coffee cups.

However recent figures from payment platform provider Yoyo suggest that, across most of the UK, less than 3% of takeaway coffees ordered are served in a reusable cup. So there is still a long way to go.

Major coffee chains are doing their bit to encourage customers to bring their own cups, for example by offering discounts of up to 50p (Prêt a Manger and Patisserie Valerie).

You could make a difference too, helping us tackle the disposable coffee cup crisis by encouraging your employer to join the GoReuseable campaign. Made from sustainable bamboo, our cups are light yet durable, and lovely to use.

Having a GoReusable cup to hand is a great way to fight the temptation to grab a coffee to go in a single use cup. So you and your colleagues could soon be helping to lead the reusable cup revolution.

To get things started, drop us an email and we can discuss arranging a FREE mock up so you can visualise how your branded cup will look!