Featuring Tomra.com – a world leader in the high growth area of reverse vending recycling that captures the spirit of the #circulareconomy.

Tomra is a company I’ve been following for a while. It’s based on Norway and is the world leader in reverse vending.

Remember up to the mid 1980’s in the UK, before plastic bottles, you’d get 10p when you returned your glass fizzy drinks bottle to the shop? Tomra do this with a reverse vending machine. Tomra machines are widespread in supermarkets in Norway and you can take recyclable plastics and glass bottles, pop these items into the reverse vending machine and it automatically calculates the money you get back. The amount is added back on your debit card. So smart and easy, and is widely used.

I figure it’s just a matter of time before this will come to the UK and other countries, so the potential is huge. It’s also exactly the kind of green solutions we need right now as we push to move to a circular/recycling economy.

The Tomra (TOM) is listed on the Oslo stock exchange code TOM.

Also see: https://www.tomra.com/en/collection/reverse-vending