Extinction Rebellion highlight urgent need to plant 1 trillion trees

At GoReusable, being official partners of the National Forest Foundation, we’re big into planting trees. Our aim is to plant 10 million trees by the end of 2025, with the help of our Plant One Tree Cup. We thought 10m was a big number and good goal but this week we’ve seen extinction rebellion are talking about planting 1 trillion trees. Did you see all the placards saying ‘Plant 1 Trillion Trees’?. Now that’s a big number.

Apparently scientists have worked out that 1 trillion trees need to be planted by 2050 to stop the environmental disaster.

The study, led by Prof Tom Crowther at Switzerland’s ETH Zürich university, was published in the journal Science assessing the potential of aiming for a trillion trees on the planet.

If we did this, this would potentially cut the atmospheric carbon pool by about 25 per cent, enough to stabilise the earths atmosphere. Crowther calls this “the best climate solution we have today”. Naturally the work has been received with some caution, as planting 1 trillion trees is a challenge, but surely a challenge worth meeting?

Lastly, at the Extinction Rebellion, we picked up that 500 trees were left outside Parliament for MP’s to take and plant. More than 400 MP’s joined the Extinction Rebellion reforesting call to action and did take them to plant, and supported the need to plant billions more trees. Well at least that’s a start!

Extinction Rebellion Outside Parliament Calling on MPs to Plant Trees
Extinction Rebellion Outside Parliament Calling on MPs to Plant Trees

Environmentalist and Government minister Zac Goldsmith MP is reported to have said “Planting & protecting trees here & overseas – on a much, much bigger scale is a critically important part of tackling the environment and climate crisis.”

Here at GoReusable we couldn’t agree more, in the importance of planting trees.