Celebrating 20 years of PASS with an eco cup incentive

PASS Ltd sells test equipment of all kinds to customers across a wide range of sectors. When their 20th anniversary was coming up they wanted to do something special, so they decided to mark it with a GoReuseable eco cup giveaway.

PASS (Portable Appliance Safety Services) Ltd supply a huge range of testing and measurement equipment, from thermal imaging cameras to pat testing machines, supported by training, calibration and maintenance services. They wanted to offer their customers a branded gift to mark 20 years in business, but it had to be something that would create a positive impact.

“We were keen to show that we care about the environment not just getting our branding out there,” said marketing manager Katie Ludgate. “So I was looking for an eco friendly option and wanted to avoid plastic. When I came across GoReusable’s cups I liked the whole ethos behind it. It’s perfect, because you’re getting a bamboo eco cup AND planting a tree. It’s a nice thing for the environment and promoting our business as well.”

While the promotion lasts, everyone who places an order worth £500 or more though the PASS website will automatically find ‘Free eco cup plus one tree planted’ added to their basket.

Katie ordered 500 cups only with customers in mind, but PASS staff are also keen to get their hands on one. “When they came into our warehouse, everyone was like, ‘Ooh, we want one of them,’ so we might need to order some more!”

PASS Ltd and the planet

Environmental responsibility is really important for PASS.

“We work with utility companies and work heavily in the electrical trade, so there’s a lot of carbon involved. Our testing equipment also includes a lot of plastic. But we want to be as ethical and sustainable as we can and don’t want to leave a massive carbon footprint,” said Katie.

“It’s driven by the employees. We’re a fairly youngish workforce and we all want to improve the environment and leave the Earth a better place.

“We’re big on recycling, and when things need changing over, we’re trying to move to an eco alternative. We’ve changed a lot of our lighting to energy efficient LEDs, we’ve got a few electric company cars and we’ve got electric charging points installed at our head office and warehouse and at the training centre.

“We’ve grown quite a lot, and if we keep up this growth spurt we don’t want to increase our negative impact on the planet along with it.

“So when it came to choosing a gift to mark our anniversary it was important to show that we’re responsible. We wanted it to be a gift that people would enjoy using and feel good about, not something that would make them feel guilty.”

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