Burger King UK commits to phasing out single use plastics

The Fast food chain Burger King is making more positive moves to improve the environmental impact of its UK operations, including scrapping single use plastics.

As part of its new Food for Good Charter, Burger King UK has committed to eliminating single use plastics from its restaurants by 2025.

Burger King Phasing Out Single Use

The fast food giant switched plastic straws for compostable ones back in 2018. In 2019 it announced that it would be phasing out plastic toys from its kids’ meals. It launched an amnesty, promising that the unwanted toys collected would be melted down and made into plastic trays and play equipment for its restaurants by circular economy experts Pentatonic.

The latest commitment is part of Burger King UK’s wider effort to reduce the impact of its waste. Also by 2025 the company has committed to switching to either recycled or certified paper for its packaging and to following WRAP’s Food Waste Reduction Roadmap.  

It has set a number of other aims, which tally with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, setting a positive framework for change.

Alistair Murdoch, Burger King UK CEO, commented, “I believe this crisis has given us an opportunity to ‘build back better’ and drive through our company values, which are integral to sustaining our business for the future.”

He added, “Being good for the planet makes good business sense. Sustainable business growth can only be delivered if we are committed to reducing the negative impacts on the environment from responsibly sourcing our raw materials, running energy efficient programmes and preventing and reducing waste.”