Branded eco cups with gold ink & ultra high quality printing

We wanted to share with you this stunningly branded eco cup, that has just been printed for the RHUG Estate. We used gold ink for this branded cup. That gives that extra bit of lift and extra quality to the cup. You really have to see it first hand to appreciate it.

There was a lot of detailing in the coat of arms as well. This is a great example to show you the quality of the printing. This is a question we are often asked. Well, it’s high precision!! The naked eye can’t get anywhere close to seeing all the details so we had to zoom in to really show you how accurate the printing is.

Zooming in a lot we can see crystal clearly ‘SUAVITER IN MODO FORTITER IN RE’ (which I now know means ‘GENTLE IN MANNER, RESOLUTE IN DEED’). How amazing is that print quality?

Our cups now plant trees

Needless to say RHUG were delighted!

“They look fantastic – the gold is a real triumph” – Graham Webster, Managing Director Rhug Ltd

Thanks Graham for supporting GoReusable.Org and planting a lot of trees!

Rhug Estate Branded Eco Cup