A talking point to prompt conversations about the environment

GA Energy is a new niche energy law service provided by a South West law firm, that specialises in helping clients in the renewable energy sector. After the pandemic put a halt to many of their launch plans, they wanted an eco friendly talking point to raise awareness of their brand.

“We provide a niche service to clients, working mostly with renewable energy developers, helping them plan, build and manage new solar and wind farms. We also advise other GA Solicitors’ clients on how to go green,” explained Partner and Head of Energy Helen Rumford.

GA Energy roof terrace

“All the things we were looking forward to doing to launch the new brand were cancelled due to Covid. Fortunately work keeps coming in, but with the team looking to expand I’m now thinking about ways to further promote our brand. I was looking for reusable coffee cups and I really liked the fact that with these cups you get to plant one tree per cup whilst raising brand awareness at the same time.”

Getting people talking

Helen will be giving the coffee cups out at meetings and at coffee mornings she’s hosting.

“I have a coffee morning coming up. It’s a networking and collaboration group for people working in all aspects of the energy industry,” she explained. “We’re all in different high level jobs in the sector – so I contribute from a legal perspective but we’ve also got representation from energy finance and investment, technology, engineering, policy, planning and environmental and project management. We all come together to talk about where the sector is going and what the big challenges and trends are.

“This will be the first time we’ve actually met up since the pandemic hit. We’ll be holding it in a lovely setting on our rooftop terrace and will actually be serving coffee in the cups, which people can then take away along with the information that comes with it.

“It’s about raising brand awareness for us. Because people can take the cups away they will be a talking point wherever they go. The idea is to encourage people to think about steps they and their businesses can take to help the environment.”

Small steps towards lower impact

Helen has seen a positive change in the way businesses think about their environmental impact in recent times.

“I’ve seen a real shift in motivation over the last couple of years,” she said. “Previously businesses were thinking about what they could do to appear more environmentally responsible, but I think many now actually want to play their part in making a real difference.

“Often people ask me what they can do because they don’t know how or where to start, but it’s about little steps. If everybody just starts to make a few small changes they will all add up. It’s also about introducing the conversation into the decision-making process, for example when you’re making decisions like whether you actually need a real-life team meeting.”

Although the pandemic has caused a lot of disruption for businesses, it has also led to some unintentional reduction in environmental impact.

“A lot of businesses actually started making changes last year that improved their environmental impact without intentionally doing it to be green. The working from home, more video conferencing and less printing… So people shifted to greener ways of working unintentionally,” observed Helen.

“At GA Energy we’re constantly looking for more ways we can be green and at the same time improve business efficiency. We were already paper light but we are moving to paperless, keeping the amount we print to an absolute minimum. It’s an area where law firms are typically not that great. The paper light approach is now something that the whole of the wider firm, GA Solicitors, is transitioning to. The firm has also brought in more interactive systems on the laptops which reduce the need for travel but have increased the feeling of being connected to work colleagues.”

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