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Covid recycling: turning the tide on single-use facemasks

Disturbed by all the extra plastic waste generated during the pandemic, Cornish ocean plastic entrepreneurs, Waterhaul, have turned their attention to recycling single-use facemasks. And what better to make from the reclaimed plastic than litter pickers? In just over a month since it launched on Earth Day, 22 April, Waterhaul’s Kickstarter campaign generated an astonishing […]

The evolution of a bamboo toothbrush

We love bamboo at GoReusable, so we were excited to see posts on an eco community on Facebook about coming together to develop the best bamboo toothbrush on the market. The Lazy Environmentalists Bamboo Toothbrush was launched on 24 April. We asked founder and entrepreneur Amy Matthews to share the story behind it. I set […]

Looping EV batteries into the circular economy

Renault has announced that it’s working to achieve full recovery and purification of the metals used in electric vehicle (EV) batteries, ready to be reused in new ones. In collaboration with waste management experts Veolia and chemicals company Solvay, the French car brand is looking to pioneer a closed loop recycling system for EV battery […]

Do you know a badass woman in sustainability?

Celebrating female contributions to the fight for the future of our planet We were interested to come across this article the other day, celebrating the contributions of ‘25 badass women’ to shaping climate action in 2021. Released on International Women’s Day, this year’s GreenBiz’s third roll call of female leaders who are making a significant […]

This flexible modular laptop sets an exciting new eco benchmark

Designed to be fully customisable, upgradeable and repairable, Framework’s laptop sets a new precedent for IT sustainability We were excited to read about the upcoming release of the first product from San Francisco based innovators Framework. Pooling expertise from tech leaders including Apple, Google and Lenovo, they’re on a mission to reduce unplanned obsolesce and […]

Burger King UK commits to phasing out single use plastics

The Fast food chain Burger King is making more positive moves to improve the environmental impact of its UK operations, including scrapping single use plastics. As part of its new Food for Good Charter, Burger King UK has committed to eliminating single use plastics from its restaurants by 2025. The fast food giant switched plastic […]

Coca-Cola to trial paper pulp bottles

Can paper bottles help the soft drinks giant clean up its reputation? In an effort to improve its green credentials, the Coca-Cola has announced that it will be trialling a cardboard bottle, initially for its AdeZ smoothies in Hungary. The paper-based bottles will have a thin recycled plastic lining, top and lid, and of course […]

Featuring – a world leader in the high growth area of reverse vending recycling that captures the spirit of the #circulareconomy.

Tomra is a company I’ve been following for a while. It’s based on Norway and is the world leader in reverse vending.

Green eco taxes – is it just a matter of time?

During the recent election in the UK there was a lot of talk about the climate emergency, but not all together surprisingly little about green taxes…

Plastic waste – why non-reusable cups are destroying the planet

Our guest contributor this month is Amelia Womack, the Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales since September 2014, with a short thought piece…