The GoReusable Branded

'Plant One Tree' Eco Cup Campaign


With the support from all types of organisation, GoReusable is on a mission to reduce the world's dependency on 500bn single-use cups a year and also plant 10 million trees with our GoReusable stunning Eco 'Plant One Tree' cups.  

We are working closely with organisations to provide them with the ultimate branded eco cup, that plants a tree and is the ideal way for them to demonstrate their commitment to the environment. Yes, each cup plants 1 tree. 

All GoReusable branded coffee cups come with the Iconic 'Panda Chewing Bamboo'

mark. Look out for cups with this mark as they are supporting this campaign.

The iconic panda
with every cup



This cup plants one tree black goreusabl
This Cup Plants Trees
One Cup Purchased = 1 Tree planted
How are the trees planted?


GoReusable are official partners with the National Forest Foundation (NFF), a tree planting charity. You can buy the cups safe in the knowledge the NFF were carefully selected as partners for the main reason they are the most reputable and transparent tree planting charity that is fully audited. Charity Navigator, an independent evaluator of charities, gives the NFF a transparency score of 96%. Have no doubt your trees will be planted.

Some of the supporters of the GoReusable Campaign
Our Blog - keeping you informed

with our guest blog contributor, Amelia Womack, the Deputy Leader of the Green Party of England and Wales 

GoReusable cup's backstory and eco credentials

GoReusable was inspired by the pressing need to reduce the world’s dependence on single-use cups. Every year around 500 billion disposable cups are made and discarded globally. While a small proportion will be recycled at specialist facilities, a fifth will head straight to landfill the rest will litter the environment for years to come.

In 2017, David Attenborough’s Blue Planet II highlighted the truly shocking scale of plastic pollution. This, coupled with China’s ban on accepting plastic waste from the West has given governments, businesses, and individuals a sobering wake-up call.

Before deciding on our GoReusable eco stunning coffee cup, we carried out in-depth research, considering over 50 different types of reusable cups. 

In Jan 2019, we signed an agreement to be official partners with the National Forest Foundation (NFF). This exciting initiative made it possible for GoReusable to launch the 'Plant One Tree' cup in June. Every one of our cups we now know confidently plants a tree with the NFF. Our aim is to plan #plant10milliontrees by 2025. With your support, we believe this is eminently doable.

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